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Stick in found1

Observed: 7th February 2013 By: Clive Timothy Lee
stick in found1
Stick in found2

A smooth green stick insect with the body measuring aroun 10cm/100mm and if you count the front legs 150mm/15cm long. it was found at rouhly noon time on a cultivated plant at the Duchy college and aparantly has been sited before by some one at the Duchy in Camborne, Cornwall, UK.

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stick insect

What made you decide against the Unarmed Stick Insect, Acanthoxyla inermis? I find the two species hard to tell apart, but according to the Orthoptera Recording Scheme site Smooth Stick Insect usually has a black line down the centre of the thorax. Also Unarmed is the one that has previous records from Cornwall.

I'm not sure which species this one is, just wondered what led you to choose Smooth Stick!

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Definitely Unarmed Stick-insect

I collate all the records of the naturalised stick-insects, and can confirm your stick-insects is a juvenile Unarmed Stick-insect. The first record I have for this species at Rosewarne is 1996, where one was found in a garden by the entrance to the Duchy College in Rosewarne Gate.