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Felwort (Gentianella magellanica)

Observed: 8th February 2013 By: palemaidenpalemaiden’s reputation in Plantspalemaiden’s reputation in Plants
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What an amazing location to be sending observations from!Envious!
Sadly don't know the Falkland flora except Calceolaria falklandica which is grown as an alpine in the UK.

Best wishes

David J Trevan

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Hi David, yes we are very

Hi David, yes we are very priviledged to be living in the FaLklands (for the next 2 years)- it is a truely wonderful experience, the flora and fauna are quite amazing and we get to met and work with some outstanding experts. Sarah

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Nice spot

nice spot Sarah, out walking around MPA? Have you managed to organise a return trip to Keppel?


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Thanks Brian, its only small

Thanks Brian, its only small and i found it whilst looking for thisles ! We were supposed to be at Kepple today - now delayed until Wed due to fog :( i fear they will be in full flower when we get there.

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The English name is actually 'Fellwort', not 'Feltwort'!

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typo #2

Too many 'l's! it's Felwort.