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A very prickly bush with yellow flowers

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ID comment

Perhaps you should add the Latin name Ulex europaeus just to complete your ID.

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*whispers* 'Cause if you don't...

....someone else will!

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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Hi Rachy Ramone,

Thanks for the *whispered* comment.
Does it matter if I or someone else adds it?
I do not yet really understand this site.


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Someone else adding an identification ...

... that just adds the botanical name to an identification that has already been made could be seem as poaching.

You can use the "Get Recommended" button to fill in the botanical name when making an identification, but if you don't already know the botanical name you would be well advised to check it in a field guide, as mappings between vernacular and botanical names are not always unambiguous.

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Thanks a lot for the advice.
I will try all of that when I next have a spot.

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ID comment

Is it possible that this is Ulex gallii, being where it is?
As it is in flower, it SHOULD be as you suggest Chris but, in my weak experience, flowering overlaps sometimes. The climate being what it is, might suggest a closer look Scubaman, as I think there are, at least, two sorts in IM.

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Thank you all for your help and advice.
I had not noticed that I had failed to put on the Latin name.
I was also not aware that here might be two species in IoM. I will have to go and get a sample.

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There might be three species in the Isle of Man

There are also a few records for Ulex minor.

I would have thought that a gorse flowering now would be Ulex europaeus, which has its peak flowering in early spring, as opposed to the late summer and autumn flowering of Ulex gallii.

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ID gorse

THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with this.

dejayM is probably correct that there could be more than one species given the mild climate and position of IoM. On my walks around the hills I have seen some "stunted" versions that could be U. Minor.
However, I have been out and cut a piece of the original [damn sharp stuff] post to photograph, though I think the size of the original shows (as said by chrisbrooks) it is U. europaeus.

We have some funny micro-climates here and the west can be shrouded in mist/fog whilst the east is in sunshine, and the island is only 12 miles across.

I will be more observant when I am next out and about. Though other than size what differentiates the species?

Who knew there was so much about gorse?? Well obviously you all did. To me it was just that stuff that blocked footpaths though looked rather pretty until I came up against it.


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