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Black and white great tit?

Observed: 7th February 2013 By: Ann RichardsonAnn Richardson’s reputation in BirdsAnn Richardson’s reputation in Birds
Black and White Great Tit?

Thought i was taking a picture of a Coal Tit, but the only reference i can find of a tit with a strip down its chest is a great tit, so whats this?

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ID comment

I'm not sure why it is so pale, was it that pale in the field or has the image made it paler than it was. In any case the single wing bar and the bold black stripe down the centre of the breast suggest the Great Tit.

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Great Tit

It was just as seen in the photo black and white..strange eh?

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I have seen pale Great Tit's but not quite this pale but I'm happy with the ID given. It must just be a very pale bird.

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Camera Exposure or Habitat effect?

The paleness may be a photographic effect as a result of your camera exposure.

However, it may also be a consequence of diet. A study of Great Tits in Spain found that the colour of their plumage was a good indicator of the quality of the habitat, with paler birds being found in poorer habitats (poorer food). The brighter birds were more dominant within the population.

All the best.

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b/w great tit

Def not the camera, it was black and white. Maybe the food though, seen a few black birds with Large white patches in the same area.

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It's not that uncommon to catch very pale Great tits when ringing on my local site...they certainly are more prone to pale plumage than Blue Tits, for example. I could not comment on the reasons for the paleness, though.

Your bird is a male...young females are the ones which I usually see as being very pale, as far as I remember.


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