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Unknown tree

Observed: 1st February 2013 By: jennnywren
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Species with which Bird Cherry (Prunus padus) interacts


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A picture showing the buds

A picture showing the buds would help to ID this

Rob Coleman

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Sorry, again the quality of

Sorry, again the quality of the picture isn't very good!

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That's ok...'s not easy to get clear pics of buds - I always struggle, with just my little phone camera.

If I can, I take home a small twig so I can use my "decent" camera indoors.

Again, sharply pointed buds, and a terminal cluster of buds, I think it's Bird Cherry.

Jenny, if you want to check this suggestion, you could go back to the tree and scrape off a little of the bark from a twig, then smell it: if it's Bird Cherry, there will be a very distinctive sharp, fairly unpleasant smell.

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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Perfect, thank you for the

Perfect, thank you for the advice!