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Common Buzzard mating display

I was watching two buzzards today and was wondering if any one knows if it is too early for them to be displaying for a mate . i know breeding doesnt start till april or may .
cant really describe what they were doing other than it did not seem like normal buzzard behaviour it just seemed that one of them was trying too get the attention of the other then they flew straight up i didnt want too take my eyes of them hence the scetchy description ...



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Pair Bonding

High circling... ...is common throughout the year among resident pairs...
Ferguson-Lees, Christie. Raptors of the World. Helm 2001. p691.

Seems to suggest established pairs display throughout the year; having said that we are now into February and many birds will be starting to think about establishing a territory and pairing up.



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pair bonding

yeah thanks ray thats what i thought they were starting to bond he was trying hard too get her attention lol just makes the sighting all the more special