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Observed: 3rd February 2013 By: jh25769
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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would have liked to see..

.. the tail properly as if rounded would have confirmed P.platessa. However, the dorsal fin being well seperate and the starting appearance of spots suggests maybe a young Plaice. I actually think this is a Dab.

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Lacks the distictive curve in

Lacks the distictive curve in the lateral line dianostic in dab, and has bony knobs on head so is likely to be a plaice

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One of the peculiar things

One of the peculiar things about this little flatty is that it appears to lack a lateral line altogether. The only thing which is familiar to me on this fish is the white tip/edge to the ventral and dorsal fins. I cant remember which flatty has it and it may be several.


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Try blowing up the original

Try blowing up the original image and you will pick up the rather faint lateral line

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Hi again, I had another look

Hi again,

I had another look at it and I think I see the lateral line- its much easier to see near the tail. If it is it I can see near the head, it looks like there is quite an arch to it very like that of a dab. The shape of the fish (which isnt straightforward as it is draped over pebbles) is dab-like too. Hard to describe it correctly but the long straight tapering edges of the fish towards the rear is dab-like. I think it has been described as 'diamond shaped'.

It is an odd colouration for any flatty but I think its more dab lookng than plaice or flounder, I just wish I could test the texture of its skin with my finger to see...