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Eastern Grey Squirrel

Observed: 5th February 2013 By: gramandy
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Eastern Grey Squirrel

My favourite pics at the moment to see a squirrel completely bambouzled makes me a happy person (I'm sure the squirrel is looking at me and is not impressed). How much fun have I had watching the frustration. Thank you ever so Sheila (Fenwickfield) for the pointer to squirrel exclusion (so far). I've actually enjoyed posting this pic of a nuisance (waiting for their riposte - which is bound to come). The birds are also happy bunnies (not really mammals) at the moment as they are getting a look in.

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He'll find a way round it you know.

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...for sure - have already had to move the feeder away from the fence a further metre as incredible leaps were working (will be an olympic record if he can reach now). But I'll let you know how he/they get on (about 7 of them). Have a globe light which is probably within distance but hopefully too slippery.

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rooting for the squirrel

well i have to say that i am on the squirrels side lol good luck too them . maybe you should think about setting out another feeder just foir them next too the fence then they might leave the other feeders alone


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Pleased you got one I too had to move my feeder away from the wall and fence and they have not managed to jump the distance.Also pleased your enjoying the new entertainment must say I still put a few nuts on the ground as I feel sorry for them after all that exercise with no reward.



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still... date they haven't found a way round it yet.

The pigeons throw enough onto the floor that sort of fulfills his need (well some of it), as if he does find a way round he will eat the lot including the feeders whether metal or wood.


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I only get one having a go but after over 6 months still squirrels,rat and mouse proof they have gone of to pastures new.
Good luck as I too have had feeders ripped to shreds metal too.