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Foot prints

Observed: 19th January 2013 By: snowtiger
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what made these prints?

these pictures were taken by a friend in hertfordshire. The cat gives some perspective of the size.
Any ideas?

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watch out !!!!


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No idea,
but be SCARED, very scared.

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These are groups of four

These are groups of four pads, not individual prints. The lower set in the slushy stuff say cat.

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I agree with Mydaea & think you have both the prints & the culprit there.

They look exactly like the pattern a surprised cat might make whilst negotiating snowy steps. Snowprints really need to be photographed before any melting has taken place as they enlarge rapidly & somewhat horrifyingly, as has been noted elsewhere. Also, photograph such prints from directly over them, otherwise much information is lost.

Of course, then you wouldn't have the guilty party in the shot ...

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They look very fresh to me, adding further weight to the cat theory!

Bob Ford

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As there is one print following another it suggests a big cat? or am I mistaken?

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As I wrote above, what you

As I wrote above, what you interpret as one big print is actually four small ones. It is a perfectly ordinary cat which has been running fast.

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I agree with the above, it's your cat.

Graham Banwell

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