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Pulmonaria montana, Leugney, France

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Just 8 years since you posted this

and you might be thinking noone would notice.

However, I have recently posted something I am tentatively calling P. australus, which may be of interest.

Geoff and I are having a discussion on mountain Pulmonarias on his post which is


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I notice - though it's only four years old.
I came to reciprocate for your very recent Seaweed agreement. I have just spent an hour or more on this and am certain that it is montana. I had to ask why not, until I read Jo's australis post.
One cannot help but notice that this uses the UKSI Dictionary for the ID, whereas the CoL Global one would be used today. P.montana is not in the CoL index which is why I suspect Jo's ID panel failed.
Anyway I have agreed here, based on the evidence I have found - it will make no difference to the strength of the ID but shows, doesn't it, that we few are interested.

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I have agreed to help protect Likelihood. An added ID will flaw this post. See

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Martin/Jo - I think you might be interested in this
it is not showing in the UK&I Community - which is a good thing.
Of course I will delete it in the next week or so.
I wanted to add a new ID of P.montana but think it might flaw and produce a failed Global community Panel. Before I delete it, I will try.

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Info Flora

You are very lucky having those hi-tech sites but not so with the CoL (Global) dictionary I am on to Admin over this.
A new version of iSpot itself is due soon.

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Nomenclature cause of heat rather than light

A community curated taxonomy is not necessarily a mess.
In fact, I believe it is less of a mess than the current situation on iSpot.
Thanks for your efforts to improve the situation.