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Buzzards hunting over fields near Clovelly

Observed: 22nd March 2011 By: mdavidfordmdavidford’s reputation in Birdsmdavidford’s reputation in Birdsmdavidford’s reputation in Birds
Buzzards hunting over fields near Clovelly

I believe these are both common buzzards. However, the more distant of the two appears to be carrying something large and fish-shaped, and I can't find any reference to buzzards taking fish. Is this likely?

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buzzards will take carrion Perhaps it picked up a dead fish on the foreshore or even the fish quay

Alan Edwards

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if it is a fish it is a big one and I would suspect found as carrion.
buzzards are utilitarian opportunists and omnivores and will tackle whatever they think they can master,therefore in easy circumstances would take fish,e.g. receding waters after flood.

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Nesting material?

Might it be a bit of wood for a nest, or did you see it was a fish, before you took the photo?

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