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Mallard, Bathing

Observed: 28th January 2013 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in BirdsSimon Walker’s reputation in Birds
Mallard, drake, bathing, Fowlmere, 2013-01-28 001

A very quiet day; reduced to photographing Mallards! To be fair to them, they're lovely birds, and much undervalued in my opinion. When the sun catches that plumage...

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Male Mallard

I would agree Simon that a pure male Mallard in full sun is very colourful and makes a great photo.

I have to admit that I only ever take images when the sun is out now, one of the privileges of being retired I suppose. I'd be interested in your opinion on this.

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I suppose it's one of the benefits of digital photography that the cost of each shot is almost nil, so you can afford to take photographs you wouldn't have bothered with in the past.
Mostly I'd agree with you though, and I wouldn't bother with mallards either unless the sun was out.
With this one, I was interested in the water running off the bird's back. That, and the fact that there was very little else about ;-)!

PS I'm retired too... Good, isn't it?

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Just fantastic, you do just what you want, when you want. Can't beat it and you get paid as well.

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I Agree!

Best thing I ever did. I packed working for a living back in 2000, and here I am, aged 62, not regretting it for a moment. I get up when I feel like it, and, as you say, Chris, I do what I want, and when I want to do it.

Still keep busy though! :-)



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Sounds a bit corny but people ask me if I miss work and I say I don't know how I found the time to go to work.

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I'm involved in the local Historical Society too, so that hewlps to keep me busy.