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IMG_0382 - 2010_06_20 - common tern

Observed: 20th June 2010 By: alantearalantear’s reputation in Birdsalantear’s reputation in Birds
IMG_0382 - 2010_06_20 - common tern
IMG_0384 - 2010_06_20 - common tern
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You are right, but you ought to edit the ID and add the scientific name by pressing 'Get recommended'. The scientific name is what adds your sighting to others on the carousel for the species.


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common tern

I was'nt aware that Woolhampton was near the sea?

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location of Woolhampton

It isn't, but I am sure that this is where I took the picture. I have seen a pair of terns, both near the flooded gravel pit where I took the picture and nearby over the Kennet and Avon canal.