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Rotund Disk snail

Observed: 1st February 2013 By: dejayM
Biological Recording In ScotlandHighland Biological Recording GroupOrkney Biodiversity Records Centre
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Misidentified a couple of times in iSpot but I can find no previous actual record or picture.
It is supposed to be common here, Orkney, but I have found only two in recent intensive forays.
Easily identified by the gorgeous ribbing on the shell

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Your original name did not fall short. On most sites you will see the shorter version used, the longer name seems to be an iSpot thing. Both are correct.

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Of course you are right...but I have changed the other, recent one, too. If only to get more pictures in Other Observations, though I THINK someone has to agree before that happens!

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The earliest post on iSpot is from 2011
but as Discus (Gonyodiscus) rotundatus
which is why you did not find the previous records.

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ne're mind

Yes, you are right Martin, thanks. I did a huge trawl this morning after my new post, to discover the naming choice has created an issue. It is not the only naming issue in iSpot.
Ne'er mind.