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Aquatic eggs

Observed: 29th January 2013 By: Yorky29
Aquatic eggs a
Aquatic eggs b

Found the other morning on one of the garden pond plants. There are eight frogs in the pond but this doesn't look like the normal frog spawn. Neither does it appear to be toad spawn.
Suggestions gratefully received
They are very strange - the ones in the left photo do appear to have embryos in the centre, but the one's in the right photo just have the appearance of grey cotton wool. Sorry but I can't think of any other description.
I'm totally baffled and I'm not inexperienced when it comes to identifying things wildlife

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They don't look like sponges.

They don't look like sponges. I would guess algae, fungi or protozoa. Sponges are quite firm and rubbery, whereas yours look as though they would collapse if you took them out the water.

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Aquatic eggs.

You are perfectly correct John. We got one out to look at it under the microscope and it did collapse. I think that we'll revert to the scientific term of..."That stuff growing in the pond!"