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Observed: 11th October 2012 By: danbrand94
Blueleg BrownieIMG_0063
common earthball_MG_9789
Flowery Blewit IMG_0133
Glistening inkcap_MG_9752
Leaf parachuteIMG_0114
Maybe slippery jack_MG_9851
Porcelain fungus_MG_9750
sheathed woodtuft_MG_9893

these were Found in Kennall Vale nature reserve in cornwall. i was wondering if anyone could tell me the common name and latin names please.


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Hi Dan

I see this is your first 'observation', so welcome. The system is based around single species being posted, only one ID at a time is rated by iSpot as being correct, so your posting multiple species doesn't fit the way iSpot works.

It may be better if you repost each one separately, which will simplify IDs and comments.