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Unidentified Squidgey Thing

Observed: 25th December 2012 By: TaraH

I came across this whilst walking in the Pentland hills near Edinburgh and remember seeing it before, years ago, in the Highlands but I've never had a positive ID. Any ideas would be great!

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Squidgey thing

I have seen lots of this around recently too, always near water, i.e. loch, river or burn. I'd love to know what it is!

I also saw the other day something similar. Rather than a blob it was laid in a wiggly line and looked like silica gel, and had what looked like black fish eggs in a pile on top. Any ideas anyone??

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Hi Lucy, Did it look like

Hi Lucy,

Did it look like this, it sounds like it:


Sounds like frog remains left by a predator.


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Yes! And funnily enough I

Yes! And funnily enough I just discovered that photo myself and came to the same conclusion.

Thanks for the help though.


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Star Jelly

There is a debate about this but the general consensus is that it is the remains of a frog that has been rejected by a predator. There are other theories but by water would suggest the frog scenario.

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Sorry TaraH, 'bot' above is

Sorry TaraH, 'bot' above is supposed to be not.


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Squidgey thing

OK, just discovered from another posting that the second thing I was describing were the innards and ova of a frog that had been discarded by the predator.

Thanks iSpot!

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Brilliant! Thanks for the ID Cathal. Thats one mystery solved. I'll need to go and find another.

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Support for the Frog Spawn remains theory