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Red flowering lichen for ID please.

Observed: 30th January 2013 By: charlie streetscharlie streets’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenscharlie streets’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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Hi Willskip, I think you may

Hi Willskip, I think you may be correct - many thanks.

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I have added agreement to Cladonia bellidiflora, though the photograph is by no means typical. It does seem to be forming small cups, and it apparently lacks soredia, so while there quite a number of these red-fruiting (not "flowering") Cladonia spp., choice is actually rather limited. There are a few apparently upward-peeling squamules, characteristic of this species, though usually much more abundant. At best it's scruffy material.


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Hi Alan,thanks for that, it

Hi Alan,thanks for that, it all sounds fascinating! I'd like to investigate further but I've just gotten in to studying fungi and that's about all my brain can handle at the moment :-)