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Observed: 26th January 2013 By: Janet Guy
pawprints in snow

Seen in my garden. Small triangular prints in a fairly straight single line, about 6-7 inches apart. Second photo includes larger prints for comparison which belong to a cat, though somewhat enlarged by thawing. No tail-trail visible. Any ideas what made them?

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A wood mouse or similar,

A wood mouse or similar, jumping.

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If the size suggested is even

If the size suggested is even vaguely correct, these are far too small even for a baby rabbit. Each set of pads about 1-2" front to back.

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I would go with mouse, right pattern for rabbit but far too small, also hind leg mark not long enough. Voles scurry, even in snow so must be a mouse and most likely a wood mouse, though could be a house mouse hence the likely but not certain identification.

Graham Banwell

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