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Black-necked Grebe

Observed: 29th January 2013 By: gramandy
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Black-necked Grebe

New to me - kept diving making pics difficult. Had a plaintiff cry as if to say I'm lost and shouldn't be here (help me). Hope it finds where it wants to go.

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Black below eye, greyish

Black below eye, greyish behind eye, high crown, and the tip-tilted bill (which seems clear enough to me) strongly suggest black-necked.

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More Photos?

This is a difficult one and it would be great to see any more photos you have of this individual. I am more inclined to think Black-necked (on jizz - it looks short and dumpy compared with the Slavs I am accustomed to seeing offshore), but any more photos could help.

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Hi David...

....have added 3 more pics - I have also been listening to CDs of the calls (as mentioned in description) of the 2 birds and they are not very similar. Was in my book a Slav not black-necked. The size however as can be judged pic 5 against BHG suggests smaller than Slav (youngster?). Only 130 black-necked seen in UK over winter according to RSPB - I wouldn't be that lucky. I'm still going with it's call.

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Apologies for the delay in responding on this one: thanks for these extra photos - please look at this post:

which shows a winter plumaged Slavonian Grebe. Note the clean edge to the cap behind the eye, which is different to the 'smudge' on your bird. Also note its small size - young Slavonian grebes will be the same size as adults by early autumn. The peaked head in your bird, rather than the 'flatter' head seen in Slavonian Grebe also points, in my opinion to Black-necked Grebe.

All the best