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Some people near me were very dismissive when I took this picture "it's always there" they kept saying, but I like a cooperative bird and a healthy river within walking distance of work

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People do not appreciate what

People do not appreciate what is under their noses, do they?! That is what iSpot is all about, so I am glad you posted this.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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...plus it's not just about the species and whether they are rare or not but more about interesting observations, such as what it was doing. A friend of mine once saw a heron eat an adult teal - whole!

Bob Ford

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Wow! The most interesting

Wow! The most interesting thing I've seen our Heron eat is *all* the frogs in the hotel pond. It was very thorough about it...

Alison Rowan

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Recording all wildlife

It is so important to record all wildlife even if it is ‘common' because what is common today can become rare tomorrow. Take the house sparrow for example House Sparrow populations in farmland have declined by nearly 50% since 1968, while those in urban and suburban habitats have declined by 56% according to the BTO Garden Bird Feeding Survey.