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Common Gull

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Common Gull
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Eye colour?

Did you note the eye colour in this bird?


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common gull

didnt notice the eye colour never had the scope out its the beak that make me think it might not be a common gull looks like it has a strip on the beak if you look closely.

but to me everything else fits for a common gull eg its size body shape and leg colour all screams common gull

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This is probably a Common Gull, some of which do have stripes across their bills like Ring-billed Gulls. A sure quick way of telling them apart is the eye colour - it is pale in Ring-billed Gull and dark in Common Gull, but you need to look closely. Hence my question.

The size and structure make me think it is probably a Common Gull, but given it is in such an 'unconventional' posture it is hard to be certain as the posture distorts the the size etc.

All the best