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Native? (added via Android)

Observed: 25th January 2013 By: Kevlar79Kevlar79’s reputation in Mammals
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spotted by a friend in urban hospital grounds. current consensus is a Mink but Zoo nearby so need confirmation to rule out escapee.

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Could it be a mongoose or

Could it be a mongoose or something similar from the zoo? Legs very long for a mink and large mouth also.


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I agree, legs appear too long

I agree, legs appear too long and body held too high rather than the low Slinky profile of a mink. I have added that identification as to what most of my friends think it is but I am not in agreement. I have checked the inventory for the zoo and nothing there seems to fit. Too big for mongoose.

Kevin Moseley

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Also agree legs too long. Tayra?

I also agree that the legs are too long for a mink. It looks a bit like a tayra (Eira barbara). Is that on the zoo inventory?

Gill Sinclair
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Agree with Tayra!

Remarkably similar to Tayra! Unusual fruit in its mouth -looks like an unripe cocoa pod or maybe star fruit or papaya.

(Its a long way from Costa Rica!)

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If you look at the image of a

If you look at the image of a dead mink you will see the legs are not excessively long for a mink and the mouth appears large because it is stretched open - it is clearly a mink

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Tayra not mink

It looks like the person who first posted this image of a mammal in the Mater Hospital grounds in Belfast may be a time waster. I found the exact same image on a website of a photographer while on a trip in Costa Rica

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.... or perhaps

... his friend was having him on and he didn't realise.

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If so...

If so... Kevin - ditch your friend! He/she wasted your time spent checking the zoo inventory.
However I'm chuffed that I recognised the tayra - I've never seen one though - I'd just seen a drawing in a field guide when I went to Brazil in 2007, and the image must have lodged somewhere in my brain!

Gill Sinclair
OU Certificate in Contemporary Science
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Excellent ID

Congratulations on getting the correct ID immediately.
Apparently there are a couple of Tayras at Exmoor Zoo.

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We're chuffed too Gill - taking on the cyber-trickster with sharp observation..

The best medicine is a correct id perhaps, why not add it, noting the location is wrong as it's a web-image?

I'd never heard of a Tayra, but I have now. And I know what it looks like. So win win?

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Oh dear - I saw a tayra in

Oh dear - I saw a tayra in Bolivia - where they have distinctive pale heads - and still got taken in.