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Observed: 28th October 2011 By: DASTUART
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found in shed

found in shed

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Nickb has it I think..

The ears are partially folded which might have confused people I think.

Nose is rounded.. on lesser horseshoe there is a prominent scooped dish.

I'm not as confident about the split between grey and brown - especially in trying to guage tragus and thumb length - but the colour is certainly a rufous brown !

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This bats tragus is longer

This bats tragus is longer than most bats entire ear.

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Would strongly lean towards

Would strongly lean towards Brown rather than Grey Long-eared Bat based on the location (Pembrokeshire).

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Brown long-eared bat

Definitely a long-eared bat. The ears are joined at the base, ruling out almost all other species. Long ears are pointed forward "ram style" and the tragus (the spiky looking structure in the ear) is clearly visible.
Horseshoe bats would generally hang upside down with their wings wrapped around them.

From location, strongly likely to be brown long-eared rather than grey, which is much rarer and generally restricted to the South coast of England.

A nice sighting of an attractive bat.


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