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Fungi or Lichen?

Observed: 13th December 2009 By: RogerM
Claypon's Tramway Seven Sisters - Onllwyn Dec09 024.jpg
Claypon's Tramway Seven Sisters - Onllwyn Dec09 025.jpg

Jelly like substance, soft to the touch, no smell that I can remember.


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Its not a lichen or fungus,

Its not a lichen or fungus, maybe some sort of slime mould?

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Slug juice?

It also looks passably like the residue from mating slugs - a sort of congealed slime. The 2 smaller fragments also makes me think it might be this.

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Vile Jelly

The first thought is a slime mould, but in this case I don't think so. Kluut might well be right.

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Can't find any conclusion or results???

The link is to an awful lot of comment, but scanning through it, I can't find any conclusions. The last update seems to be August last year.
In the video there is a pic' of some on a tree trunk. That appears here from time to time and is absolutely no doubt, a "leak" from the tree - in exactly the same way as resin sometimes runs. Given that wallpaper paste is a modified cellulose polymer, the jelly-like nature should be no surprise. On rare occasions I have also seen it on other trees.

As for slug slime - I have watched the huge garden slugs leave it behind during mating, so it is certainly one source of it, albeit in reasonably small globs. Normally, the slugs writhe around and pick up small fragments of debris from the ground that get included in the slime, but it need not always be the case.
Larger globs? Slug fest, mating frenzy?

Given the huge range of observations, slime deposits in nature must be the result of many and various phenomena, not including little green men.