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Bee with sunglasses :-)

Observed: 20th July 2009 By: purplerabbitspurplerabbits’s reputation in Invertebratespurplerabbits’s reputation in Invertebrates

Not sure what kind of bee

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Eristalini sp.

I think this might be a species of Eristalini, going by the general jizz, but I can't go any further with the photo.

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Thank you both - I thought

Thank you both - I thought those were funny eyes for a bee!

Alison Rowan

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Agree with charlieb that this is a hoverfly in the Eristalini tribe (the loop in the wing-vein confirms this), and it's in genus Eristalis, and I think it's either E. tenax or E. pertinax. Easiest way to tell these two apart is from the colour of the legs, or the size of the dark stripe on the face, neither of which are visible in this photo.

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