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Grape fungus or insect pest?

Observed: 13th September 2006 By: charmingoldgit

Please excuse me if I am misusing this site, but what is affecting these grapes? A fungus or some insect pest?


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Could the splitting of the fruit indicate a problem with watering? This then being followed by fungal spores getting into the cuts??


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Thanks Ian... unfortunately I

Thanks Ian... unfortunately I really have no idea. I was told that it was due to mildew - possible? It gets well watered. It suddenly starts going bad at the end of the summer, each summer, so maybe it's some kind of fungal attack. Any help is most welcome ;-)

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Splitting is often caused by erratic watering or, more frequently, by over-watering. If the vine is in a greenhouse, the roots may spread beyond the greenhouse and take up too much water in a wet season. As suggested below, the fungus is secondary to the splitting: the split allows the fungal spores to get in.

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Many thanks for the help all

Many thanks for the help all of you. I'll cut out the watering this summer and see how it develops.

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The fungus is secondry to

The fungus is secondry to damage by splitting and not the cause of your loss.

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sweet and sour grapes

Go on the offensive - don't take the criticism of your growing conditions. Some wine growers deliberately let their grapes affected by "Noble rot". So you were really experimenting with Pourriture Noble.


Mark Wilson