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Observed: 27th January 2013 By: willswills’s reputation in Mammals

About 10 cm across with two other entrances to the side of the same size

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Rat or rabbit.

Rat or rabbit.

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It looks much too large for a Brown Rat. Rabbit, possibly. Rabbits usually have many burrow entrances. Fox is about that size but I don't think several exits would be adjacent to one another. Similarly with Badger.

A good trick with burrows is to look carefully at the TOP at the entrance, as hairs often rub off as the animal pushes inside.

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The caption says 10cm. The

The caption says 10cm. The ruler says quite a bit less. A CD is 12cm diameter, and even that would be a tight squeeze for an adult rabbit. Rat is most likely. Look for droppings, which are very different in rat and rabbit.

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Oh, I was looking at the

Oh, I was looking at the tape measure in situ.

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I would go with rat based on size and there being a number of them in a row.

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