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Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus)

Observed: 24th January 2013 By: Bogey the FungusmanBogey the Fungusman’s reputation in BirdsBogey the Fungusman’s reputation in BirdsBogey the Fungusman’s reputation in BirdsBogey the Fungusman’s reputation in Birds
Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) Wales Coastal Walk Sea Wall Peterston 24-01-13 IMG_1993A

The Oystercatcher that overtook the Lapwings earlier. Long red bill and clearly divided black upper and white underneath. Trailing edge of wings shows white. Pinkish legs.

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ID pointer

If you refer back to
you will see the above bird next to Lapwing. It is considerably larger than the lapwing, which is the same size as a snipe, which would indicate that is not a snipe. Also if you observe the bird at full size, you can see the tell tale white at the rear of the wings, even against the snow in the backgound.


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It's difficult to tell how

It's difficult to tell how far away the bird is in comparison to the flock of lapwing, so the snipe/oystercatcher may be closer to the camera than the lapwings so it would appear bigger. However that's not very likely to be the case, I think the problem is our perception of the bird, what I mean is that when we see dark shapes against a light background they often appear bigger than they are like when we see light shapes against dark backgrounds they tend to look smaller than they actually are.

Also the white patch on the bird is its belly going into its rump which snipe have as well as oystercatchers. But still the reason why this bird cannot be an oystercatcher is because the bright red/orange bill would be remotely visible which it unfortunately isn't and the bill on this bird is much too long to be an oystercatcher which again suggests snipe which have a long bill in comparison to the rest of their body. As well there would be a very obvious white horizontal wing bar which again isn't present.

Hope this helps, Scott.