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Pupose and colour?

Observed: 24th August 2012 By: dejayM
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With a latin name like this anything would be an anticlimax!
But what might be the purpose of design here?
However, this one has an odd colouration - it is normal? Two others are shown in iSpot and look at the ones below in Other Observations.
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Hi dejayM,It is an

Hi dejayM,

It is an interesting scientific name, I'm afraid I have no idea where it comes from. The colouration of your larva is very close to those given in ukleps.

As for the purpose of its peculiar appearance I cant explain it. The two I encountered in the Autumn were striking strange vertical poses with heads thrown back over the body. They werent particularly hard to spot in the vegetation I found them in but they did seem to be holding very stationary poses almost as if their intention was to blend with their backround. The stationary pose may make it harder for birds to see them but I dont know which plant they would actually camouflage against? Thats a super photo above of a fantastic looking caterpillar!


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There is no "purpose"

There is no "purpose" evolution has resulted in this design as it the most effective for the given environment. I imagine its to stop being eaten lol ;-)

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I agree with all comments above , excellent photo too !