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Possibly, Light feathered rustic

Observed: 24th August 2012 By: jamespamjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebrates
Possibly, Light feathered rustic (2)

I think this may be a Light Feathered Rustic but would welcome confirmation

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Hi James, I think this one

Hi James,

I think this one bears a resemblence to the example pic of Svensson's Copper Underwing in UKmoths;


As you will read there seperating it from Copper Underwing, also outlined by David yesterday in your other observation, isn't easy based on appearances alone.


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Svensson's Copper Underwing

Many thanks Chathal and Nightfly. I got that completely wrong.

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flight period

It's always worth checking the flight period as well when trying to identify moths - Light Feathered Rustic flies in spring and is unlikely to be seen in August. Doesn't always help much in finding the correct name, but can be useful in ruling out incorrect ones!

A number of websites provide information on which moths fly when, see the links here:

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