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Least Yellow Underwing Possibly

Observed: 11th August 2012 By: jamespamjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebrates
Possibly, Least yellow underwing

I think this is a Least Yellow Underwing. It came to light last August. I would welcome confirmation

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Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Many thanks David and Chris. I really am finding your comments on my 'waifs and stray' really helpful. I have one more to post and then there will be a lull till the moths start coming to light again in the Spring. I assume these 'thank you' posts are appropriate for this site?

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No need to post a thankyou everytime someone helps of course (its what iSpot is for afterall) but from time to time it is nice to know that people find things useful.