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Fern (Probably Polypodium agg) with Spore Sacs

Observed: 5th April 2010 By: sq358
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Polypodium Vulgare.JPG

I think this is a Polypodium (polypody), but it might be one of the Dryopteris types.

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Polypodium species.

A Polypody as you say, unfortunately the only way to tell the three (at the moment) species apart is to examine the sporangia under a microscope!! It is possible to allocate "typical" specimens to species with a degree of confidence, but even then the error rate is reportedly rather high. I reckon I get about 40-50% right! Best to put it down as Polypodium agg unless you're going for the full microscopy.

Chris Metherell
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Okay, I'll change it to

Okay, I'll change it to "agg". It was taken a month ago.

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Have you got any photo's that

Have you got any photo's that show the whole frond from above as the shape can give a bit of a clue to which Polypodium species?
The frond at the top of the picture definitely doesn't look like P. vulgare.

This link shows all three Polypody's:

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Alas, it was taken a month

Alas, it was taken a month ago, while I was lost and before I knew that I was going to be submitting it here, and I'm not sure I can find it again.