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Riband Wave

Observed: 19th August 2012 By: jamespamjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebratesjamespam’s reputation in Invertebrates
Riband Wave1
Riband Wave

Am I right to ID both these moths as Riband Wave?

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ID comment

Yes, they are both Riband Waves, a Banded and a Non-banded form. You ought to add a scientific name, just press "get recommended" when entering the common name.

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Riband Wave

Thanks Chris for that. I think I will need to post each picture banded and non banded separately in order to add the specific scientific name. I am on a steep learning curve on this site but I am most impressed. Thanks for your help. I think I have completed all my 'not knowns'