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Identify these Cornish invertibrates...

Observed: 16th November 2011 By: Amy Romer
Identify this catapillar...(2 -3 cm) found in woodland/river in cornwall (kennall vale nature reserve)
Identify this hoverfly...(1 inch) found in woodland/river in cornwall(kennall vale nature reserve)
Identify these Cornish invertibrates...

No identification made yet.

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Separate entries

Can you edit and create a separate entry for each observation please. iSpot is not really designed to identify multiple things under one entry.

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As David says, iSpot works best if you have one species per observation, so if you can click on Edit towards the top of the page and remove two of the photos we may be able to add an identification for the remaining one.

I think your caterpillar is Red-necked Footman, which is quite a scarce moth.

The hoverfly is probably in genus Platycheirus or Melanostoma - these are hard to confirm from photos.

And I can't help with the slug I'm afraid.

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