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Unknown fruticose lichens

Observed: 18th December 2012 By: jakermanjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensjakerman’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Found on fallen beech branch. There were several thalli along this branch - I'm not even sure they're all the same lichen. Do the fruiting bodies belong to the fruticose lichen? And are the vegetative structures along the thallus margins in the first picture soredia? The lichen in the first image appears to be colonised by another yellow organism.


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Apothecia with brown discs

The foliose lichen with the apothecia with brown discs in the first picture may be Physcia tenella. It has soredia at the tips of the lobes. (This is in addition to the Ramalina farinacea in the first picture.)

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Brief answers

The black-disked apothecia in the first photo belong to Physcia tenella, a foliose species, as do the soredia (you're right) on its curled-back lobe tips, and the pale cilia (root-like structures). The orange growth, also on the Physcia, is a species in the algal genus Trentepohlia.

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