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Coleoptera Anobium punctatum

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Coleoptera Anobium punctatum
Coleoptera Anobium punctatum b
Coleoptera Anobium punctatum c
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Wondered if it is possible to distinguish A. punctatum from its congeners from photographs. I am trying to identify http://www.ispotnature.org/node/817775

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Theses4 rom the Subffamily

These 4, from the Subffamily Anobiidae, Ochina ptinoides (Marsham), Anobium inexpectatum Lohse, Anobium inexspectatum, Anobium punctatum (Degeer), are all listed on BRC as using Hedera helix as their host. Dare say your aware of that and probably this as well, but I put it up for the benefit of all interested parties. Hope you wont think me complacent, but as A. punctatum is alleged to be the most common, and finding it on my Ivy as often as I do, I'm going to stick with it, (that's not to say that your not correct, for you most probably are). And thinking about it, I'm sure, in fact I know that I have a similar looking beasty from my shed lurking in my extensive archive. I'll keep an eye out for it, and get back to you when I do.

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Slight misunderstanding there, I wasn't querying your determination but was hoping you could tell me what differences to look out for to determine mine. I wouldn't want to plump for A. punctatum just because it appears to be commoner (I assume they are all desperately under-reported). A. inexspectatum isn't howlingly rare - I never know what's going to turn up in my garden. (Japananus hyalinus new to to Britain was found about 5 metres away from this beetle.) Incidentally "inexpectatum" in the database is obviously an error.

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This is a type of bugs that

This is a type of bugs that attacks wooden furniture, they are actually seconded to termites. When it comes to furniture, make sure that you choose the right wood, there are certain types of woods that always wanted to lay and rest up until they destroy.