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Mystery Gull

Observed: 21st February 2010 By: dave9300i
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Solitary Herring Gull sized gull at Dinton Pastures, Berkshire. Strange marking on bill.

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herring gull

From the brown markings on the wings you can see that this is not an adult bird. The amount of grey, adult feathers would make it a 4th calendar-year bird (what we used to call 3rd-winter). In this plumage a dark band on the bill is not unusual.

Bob Ford

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I would agree with Bob that this is a 4th calendar year Herring Gull (hatched in 2007), but (and this is splitting hairs!) would suggest that it is in 3rd summer plumage rather than 3rd winter - or at least is in transition between the two.
Most large gulls have dark streaking on the head in their winter plumage, this one has a white head so would appear to have at least started its partial 'spring' moult despite the early date.

I have explained aging by calendar year here(and corrected my aging of a bird in the observation);