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Hazel Gloves

Observed: 24th January 2013 By: ar8922
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This is a new one to me but it was pointed out by an expert and there are several examples in this particular area of hazel coppice, so I'm fairly confident it is Hazel Gloves (an apparently rare and threatened ascomycete fungus). I can't find it in Roger Phillips' latest book though.


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Only found in a very few

Only found in a very few select areas of the UK and yours is one of them.

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Thanks Malcolm

The Devon Wildlife Trust reserves officer I was with, says it's on most of his reserves and suspects it's under-reported rather than rare, at least in N.Devon.

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N Devon is one of those "few

N Devon is one of those "few areas"

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N Devon

Thanks again Malcolm, it's certainly one I'll keep an eye out for in the future.

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Hazel Gloves

I believe this has been seen on hazel trees growing beside the Tarka Trail between Torrington and Bideford.

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Tarka Trail

Hi Matt,
Sounds quite likely.