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Pond Skater

Observed: 9th May 2010 By: williamsnrwilliamsnr’s reputation in Invertebrateswilliamsnr’s reputation in Invertebrateswilliamsnr’s reputation in Invertebrates
IMG_7443- Suface Film Star (gerris gibbifer)-copy_edited-1.jpg
IMG_7489-Pond Skater feeding on snail-copy (resized)-copy.jpg

Common Pond Skater on peat pool

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Certainly one of the species in genus Gerris. Great photos for showing how they 'skate over' the surface tension of the water!

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Pond skater

The second image allows identification to species this shows very clearly the pondskater is brown backed and in view of its habitat and the bulky appearance is almost certainly Gerris costae the Moorland pondskater. The other picture is not so clear as it looks black on the back, but this may be lighting. Whatever it cannot be identified to species.