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Sheep query

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60d_6006 sheep query

The black sheep are Hebridean Sheep but what breed is the one with the tan face ? Seen at South Stack, Anglesey

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Nearest that I could get to

Nearest that I could get to would be a Cotswold cross, but maybe too small.

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Manx Loaghtan

thanks ranon for your suggestion - I'm pretty sure I've now found the answer -Manx Loaghtan - not sure how to pronounce it but the spelling is correct !


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Its a long while since I have

Its a long while since I have seen one of those about.

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Soay sheep

Manx Loaghtan (pronounced lockton) have four horns - the lower ones are often cut off but there is no sign of the scar this leaves. I can see why you went for Manx Loaghtan as the colour is right, however, I think these are all Soay sheep, the ancestor of the Manx Loaghtan; hence the colour.

Soay sheep are often used for conservation as they eat the rough grasses other breeds will leave; the very ones the conservationists want rid of, lucky that!

I notice you checked with the RSPB centre, I could be wrong but I think someone has given them duff information.

I take it all back! I've checked with a farmer I know who breeds Manx Loaghtan and he said you can get two horned ones, though there is some dispute about whether they are true Manx Loaghtan - at least for him there is!

Have you any photos of them standing up? He said the best way to tell Soay from Manx Loaghtan is that the latter has long legs and are less barrel shaped and Soay have short legs with rotund bodies. I guess the difference between a thoroughbred horse and a Thelwell pony!

Graham Banwell

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Soay / Loaghtan

Thanks Graham for your comments - and for giving me the correct pronunciation !

I 'm afraid I don't have a photo of them standing up - I just took this shot whilst waiting for some chough to turn up. ( which they did ). A few raven too.

When I checked with the RSPB centre they seemed pretty certain that they were the Manx Loaghtan, brought in specially for conservation purposes.

I don't recall seeing a four horned one - I'm sure I would have taken a photo if I had seen one. I had a search on the web for other photos of Manx Loaghtan and found that they could be either two or four horned.

Thanks again.