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Unknown nest in loft

Observed: 9th January 2013 By: Ivor Kemp
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Make up

All made from chewed up wood and looking at the fairly uniform colour mainly from a similar source.

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Not likely to be an Asian Hornet nest is it?

We live in a danger area for the Asian Hornet invasion.

Not likely to be this is it?

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Difficult to say

I think it would be difficult to name a species, hence my ID of Vespinae which covers all the Social Wasps, I think anyway.

Edit - Best to seek some professional advice regarding removal.

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Entrance to nest

Judging from the following (i.e. Asian Hornet's entrance on the side of the nest and it is suspended) I would say that this isn't one. Would you agree?

Unlike the European Hornet where the entrance is on or near the bottom, the entrances are on the sides. Another difference is that the European hornet makes its nest in cavities, whereas the Asian Hornet makes a suspended nest, usually in a tree but sometimes in a large open roof space. This is easy to see; it is spherical or oval and can be as much as 1 metre in height, 80cm in diameter and generally between 4 and 15 metres from the ground.

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Nest only lasts one year

A social wasp colony lasts only 1 year. Paper wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets build a new nest from scratch each year and do not reuse the previous year's nest. The only wasps to overwinter are the fertilized queens. All the workers from a colony die with the first frosts.

Oh that's good then.

We should just be able to take the nest out or just leave it there as it is unlikely to be used again.

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Asian hornet

you'd know if it was Asian killer hornets as there'd be a film crew in your loft. Perhaps another couple of years before they get to your house..


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