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Observed: 5th January 2013 By: martin woolner

3mm found under moss on the living branch of some very old Hawthorn in Maidenhead Thicket Berks.
Only one photo possible as it woke up and fell into undergrowth.
Found during survey of older oaktrees in the area prior to discussions on their management
Am a volunteer for National Trust whose property I was surveying.

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invertebrates found in Hawthorn Thicket

The location is an area managed by the National Trust. As a volunteer surveyor for the Trust I have been assessing the scattered old native oaks on this site and perchance saw the above small but distinctly marked beetle.
Would like to know what it is.
Very first time I have used iSpot!

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Yes, definitely...

Welcome to iSpot!

Well done with the photo... as agile, tree-climbing predators, Dromius can be tricky. Yes, it's D. quadrimaculatus. The other widespread 4-spotted species which climbs trees is Calodromius spolitus (alias Dromius quadrinotatus), which is smaller, and has the rear pair of spots smaller and near the midline, not spanning the whole tip of each wing-case.

Click on the link to NBN map (above) and you can see the recorded distribution.