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Brown hare

Observed: 22nd January 2013 By: willnwilln’s reputation in Mammals

Is this a brown hare track? our first thought upon seeing it was rabbit but then it seemed much too big- the glove is an XL in size? If it is which direction was it travelling? The tracks stretched right across an open field...Thanks very much

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Probably hare from the spacing but rabbit tracks are very similar so can't be ruled out.

Travelling from right to left. The smaller forefeet are planted almost one in front of the other. The larger rear feet then come past and land side-by-side in front of the front feet.

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I think you are right Will,

I think you are right Will, very distinctive pattern and good size, why not add the scientific name in a new ID by hitting get recommended after you type in Brown Hare.

Edit, Will my first impression looking at the pattern and the glove for scale was hare. Looking at it again, my only query would be should there not be a longer pad footprint visible on the 2 rear feet to the left?

Hopefully more feedback will come form other users.


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I think you'd see longer

I think you'd see longer prints from the rear feet if the snow was deeper. You'd expect this with both hares and rabbits.


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My thoughts also Ian but the

My thoughts also Ian but the pattern is so appropriate. It is some time since I viewed any prints in snow, I think that'll be my excuse for now! I dont think hares always put the rear feet down flat but I am certain I have seen hare tracks in snow before with very obvious long rear pads. Yes the depth could be the issue....


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Thank you!

Thanks very much for your replies folks, really appreciate it!

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Hi Will, was the same

Hi Will,

was the same pattern repeated exactly the same accros the field? I think it is a hare based on pattern of gait and size, I think the glove shows the scale quite well.


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I agree with hare due to the size, the glove is a good scale.

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