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Unknown species

Observed: 14th June 2012 By: johnmc

Hi, i photographed this bird from a distance on coastal dunes mid June in Northumberland, i remember it being a similar size to a blackbird, possibly a little smaller, i have no idea what it is, please help.

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it was the white on the trailing edge of the wing that made me think skylark, but it doesn't seem to have the pale eye-stripe of that bird, so presumably a pipit

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Hi & thanks for your help, it seemed to sit there very still & was aware of my presence only flying to ground when i tried to get a little closer, wondered if it was a juvenile?

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Given the time of year, a juvenile would have fresher feathers (with less wear and more heavily marked) than this bird. Compare this young bird posted by Nightfly...

This should be an adult approaching its post-breeding moult, then, as the feathers are plain and showing a lot of wear.

Both adult and juvenile Skylarks then undergo a complete moult in the autumn, so after that they are efectively impossible to tell apart.


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Disregard my ID

Skylark has long hind claw too!

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Free education!

Hi all & many thanks for the identification, especially Ian with his educating thread, check out his impressive photography on flickr, cheers, John Mc.