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Very young Song Thrush

Observed: 22nd January 2013 By: Gordon Benson

Always lovely to see a Song Thrush, but not uncommon enough hereabouts to normally merit reporting. To see one so young, however, in January--well, it's a first for me, and bodes well, I reckon, for this dwindling species (though he could barely fly). Apologies for the poor photo but I had to lean out of my window and use maximum zoom without tripod.

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Put in the ID

Put in the ID

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Add ID

Hi Gordon, just click on "add an identification"' enter the common name and then press "get recommended" to add the scientific name.

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Young bird?

Great to get your picture. What features were you using to suggest that it was a very young bird?

Was it because it was tame? I wonder if this was a weak bird as a result of the poor weather?

Young Song Thrushes have a speckled mantle and obvious yellow flesh at the edges of their gape (base of bill), neither of which are obvious in this picture. There is a group of feathers on the wing which you can use to help age Song thrushes, but they are not visible in this picture; so possibly best to leave this bird unaged.

All the best

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Deformed Foot

This bird has a problem (or two), look at the right foot.