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Coleoptera (Hydroporus sp,)

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Coleoptera Hydroporus palustris
Coleoptera Hydroporus palustris
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With great respect

With great respect Matt,
Unless I am missing something the EOL depictions do not support your suggested ID.

EOL depictions

With much gratitude and respect,

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Looking at John's suggestion I could perhaps be persuaded it is a very dark Sticto 12-pustulatus. Where was it found - running water or still waters, S-12 is more of a running water species. Certainly not Hydroporus palustris.

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Note location, and please also note my withdrawal of palustris as the species.

Also note I do not ever mean to offend anyone, I just say it as I see it.

As is we all have the same objective the ID, all help in obtaining this goal will be appreciated by all, not just me.

Sticto 12-pustulatus, Googles but not to well. :-/ Should you have anymore data on this species, like a link to an image, for all I could find was related to South Africa.

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Which key are you using?

Which key are you using? Stictotarsus is illustrated in the AIDGAP key. Though as it is from a lake, Nebrioporus elegans may be more likely. Has it got a small tooth near the tip of the elytra?

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John, I have no literature on

I have no literature on Coleoptera. All I have M. Chinery's "Insects of Britain and Western Euroupe, totally dependent on the inernet, I am.
Please don't ask me to explain. There is one subject I can be explicit about, that being all the help and guidance I get from good folk such as yourself.