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In praise of Facebook

I would like to say a word in favour of the recent iSpot integration with Facebook. I have been really surprised by the rather negative comments about Facebook from some regular iSpotters.
I joined Facebook about three years ago, rather reluctantly I might add!The main reason I joined was that I found it an ideal way of communicating with my children, one who lives in London and the other lives in Prague.I find Facebook an ideal way of keeping track of their activities and we also talk most days on the messaging service.
As photography is my main interest I also have enjoyed uploading albums of my travels to share with friends.Personally,have had no trouble with Facebook, it enables me to keep in contact with a range of friends, and indeed I have made contact with old friends from my college days.Obviously you have to set your privacy settings carefully.

The main reason I am posting this is that I have been really pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have 'Liked ' my iSpot observations, some friends from the natural history or horticultural world and others who as far as I know that have no real interest in the natural world. So surely anything like iSpot that encourages people to be more aware of the richness of wildlife about them has got to be a positive thing?I hope that maybe some of my friends may also join the iSpot site in time!