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Long grey tubes

Observed: 25th October 2012 By: ih566
2012-10-25 12.55.21-1

This was on the underside of a blue plastic barrel used as a yacht racing mark in Strangford Lough. Any idea what the long grey tubes are? I didn't notice them at the time and so didn't check them out - it's always possible that they're bungees!

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not sure what...

...these are but one of them has a bryozoan sea mat on it.

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grey tubes

I wondered if they might be old Forest Kelp/Cuvie (Laminaria hyperborea) stipes, which are a long cylindrical shape, that have lost there fronds and partly decomposed. There is no sign of the holdfast but that may be just out of shot.

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Just may be

There are a number of species but all have a shelled crustacean at the summit (missing here). These are stalked barnacles and can reach over 4 inches in length. If I am right then this is the edible part, though the ones in the picture are probaly pretty rank.
Interestingly there is a single Record (NBN) of Pollicipes polymerus here (NI) https://data.nbn.org.uk/Taxa/NHMSYS0021052672 - another in Cornwall
See http://luckypeach.com/recipes/barnacles-in-the-basket/
and https://www.frenf.it/earlyadopters/p/fabz/732425
If you are still 'here' ih566 then please add the descriptive Tag Marine and, parhaps change the Habitat tag to Marine.