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Observed: 13th January 2013 By: ivyatelier

these oily looking patches appear on my pond from time to time but I have no idea where they are coming from other than the sky, is this possible as I do live under the flight path of Manchester airport?


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A light oily film can be caused by decomposing pond plants, it can be removed by floating a paper towel on the pond surface; however look for a rotting plant as the source. This is just one but likely possible cause.

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Geology can also cause this

Geology can also cause these effects, clays, shales, coal. Not from aircraft ;-)


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....birds bathing can disturb bottom and they also release oils into the water - not to this extent though.

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If you touch the oily film and it break up into tiny flakes/plates I have been told that this indiicates a plant wax breakdown product and if it just moves around like oil its probably oil! (but i cannot remember who told me and when)

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Fats or Pollution

Firstly, I'd ask if your pond is lined? If it is, the answer cannot be connected to geology. It won't be aircraft, either. Secondly, have you had a really good hunt around in the pond to ensure that no-one has dumped some oily refuse in it? If the answer to that is yes, you've looked, then the solution is probably simply the breakdown of detritus.

Your photo shows a large amount of leaf litter in your pond. Every living thing is composed of cells & every cell has a lipid (fat) membrane that encases it. So, if a pond is full of organic matter, there will be a lot of fatty substances in it.

Do you clean debris out of your pond periodically? You need to do this.

One final point: is your pond (in summer, at least) full of living things? If so, it is very unlikely to be external pollution.